Nashville, TN- A Need for Triple Pane Windows

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Double Pane vs. Triple Pane Windows

Double pane windows lack many of the qualities and benefits of triple pane glass. Added protection against the outdoors and harsh weather are features of triple pane glass windows. Knowing that there is an extra level of protection on your window allows for comfort and peace of mind. Homes with triple panes will be warmer and cozier in the winter. The additional pane adds extra insulation that double pane windows lack. You may live near a busy street, or have noisy neighbors, and the extra pane makes a noticeable difference. Triple panes are also good for city living because they provide extra security.

Triple-Pane Windows Improve Energy Efficiency

These windows are built to be efficient and have outstanding quality. Double-pane and triple pane windows carry many similarities and benefits; however, double pane windows aren’t as advanced and energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Saving Benefits Include

  • 54%-83% more energy efficiency compared to single-pane windows (reduce energy bills).
  • There are up to 18 insulating air chambers in the frames which is remarkably more than regular vinyl
  • In the summer, it keeps your home cooler, and in the winter, it keeps your home warmer
  • If you choose to add foam insulation, it will enhance energy performance

Enhanced Safety and Comfort Features in Triple-Pane Windows

A triple pane window ensures excellent impact resistance. Triple pane windows also reduce exterior noise and are considerably quieter than single and double pane windows. While optimizing energy efficiency with possible heating and cooling issues that may occur, these durable triple pane vinyl windows keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round. However, triple pane windows are ideal for cold climates because the extra protection provides extra warmth.

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Replacement Windows

Purchasing replacement windows will benefit you in many ways because of the modern technology and upgrades your old windows don’t have. We are one of the most trusted replacement window providers in the nation. Having sturdy windows that protect your home and fight against severe weather can increase the value of your home while ensuring maximum comfort. Our windows contain aspects like insulating chambers, hidden screen track, dual vent stops, fiberglass reinforcement, and more. We offer windows for all shapes, sizes, and types of windows.

Why We Are Nashville's Trusted Triple Pane Window Providers

At LEI Home Enhancements Nashville, we ensure quality in each of our products and services. Improving your home with our economical triple pane windows is a worthwhile investment that lasts decades. You can expect exceptional service at each one of our 34 locations (we cover an number of local zip codes). We work hard in everything we do to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

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